Darlene Merchant, Licensed Psychologist, welcomes you to Pathways to Change, LLC.

Change can happen! Sometimes it may not feel this way.  You may be feeling stuck and overwhelmed or have lost your energy or direction. And sometimes you may just need a little support and a reminder of how wonderful, strong and capable you are.  You may come alone or with a partner, with family or with others.  

Pathways to Change is here to help you on your own unique pathway to reaching your goals.  

You will be able to share what is happening and will receive a listening ear, one with care, respect and non-judgement, in a comfortable and safe, secure setting.  Together we can set goals for what you want to change; you will receive input, techniques to use and support in taking those steps.  Goals are set, therapeutic strategies are discussed and the ones that fit best for you are set into motion.  Check-ins about where you are. and what’s been helpful are part of creating new steps or direction, if needed, on your pathway to meeting your goals and feeling good about yourself and your life.  

I invite you to begin on your pathway to change!

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