“Coming to see Darlene has helped me so much through a very difficult life situation.  Talking with Darlene has been like talking with a friend.  I always feel totally accepted, cared about and supported. When I’ve needed to see her in between sessions, she fit me in. As a therapist, she has helped me set goals and supported me in the steps I took. She provided me with clarity and awareness of the part I play in the dynamics of interrelationships, where I fall into my old patterns and sabotage my goals.  Through understanding my past and the reasons why I developed those patterns, I was able to move on with the new ways of seeing things and the new behaviors I learned.  These helped me meet the goals I needed to achieve so that my life can go forward in a positive, self-enriching way.”

“I am so glad that I found Darlene to talk with about my chronic illness. I was able to grieve the losses, build acceptance, learn to identify and express my needs and desires and to accept help when it fits.  I am living a much more positive and full life. 

My husband and I came to counseling because of struggles we were having. Darlene helped us increase our understanding of each  other and what we are seeking for ourselves and for us as a couple. We learned ways of creating change. Our relationship has become so much better because of the improved communication and closeness that Darlene helped us achieve.”

“Darlene helps me sort through the confusing puzzle pieces of my life to form pictures that I can see more clearly and manage more effectively.”

“Darlene offers practical advice to help me deal with problematic situations and make lasting, meaningful changes in my life.”

“I came to see Darlene because of a trauma I experienced 10 years ago.  I continued to focus on what had happened and what I could have done and the fault that I placed on myself.  It was significantly impacting my life.  After EMDR therapy, I have let this go.   I know that it happened.  It is real and it is sad, but it no longer pulls me down.  I feel so much happier and content with my life.”

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