Darlene Merchant, M.A., Licensed Psychologist

Darlene Merchant, MA, LP

Hello, Let me tell you a little about me.  I am a Licensed Psychologist.  I received my Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota. I wrote my thesis in the area of trauma and continued with a focus in this area, working with families where abuse occurred and then developing a program for adolescents who had experienced sexual abuse. I wrote a book, Treating Abused Adolescents, and presented locally and nationally about this area.  I continue to help people who have experienced trauma from many different situations.

I then worked at Park Nicollet Clinic, a multi-specialty clinic, where I saw adolescents and adults with a wide range of difficulties in individual, couple, family and group therapy.  I led groups for people with depression, past sexual abuse and a DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) group. DBT is a well-established program that includes a group of learning and skill development components.

After Park Nicollet Clinic, I worked at Fairview Counseling Center, also a general practice setting, half time for five years while starting my private practice.

I decided to start a private practice so that I could provide therapy in a more relaxed, client centered setting.  When I developed Pathways to Change, LLC, I made sure to continue this focus.  I see a wide range of clients and very much enjoy being a psychologist, the profession that fits me so well. 

Professionally, I love being a life-long learner, attending workshops, reading books and being in consultation groups. I am certified in ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy)  and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Reprocessing.)

Personally, I am married with 2 adult children.  I love being outside on walks, hikes, and on and around water.  I enjoy discovering new places near and far.



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